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Champions Indoor Football Announces 1st and 2nd All-Conference Teams

On the eve of the Champions Indoor Football conference championship games set to commence this weekend, the CIF is proud to announce the 1st and 2nd team all-conference teams as voted upon by the coaches within each conference -

1st Team Northern Conference 1st Team Southern Conference
Quarterback – Alex Carder, West Michigan
Running Back – Kory Ringer, West Michigan
Wide Receiver – Anthony Parks, Kansas City
Wide Receiver- J.J. Hayes, Bloomington
Wide Receiver - Frederick Bruno, Sioux City
Guard – Arthur Doakes, Sioux City
Guard - Darius Barnes, Sioux City
Center – Matt Rahn, Sioux City
Kicker – Greg Conry, Sioux City
Defensive End – Devon Bridges, Sioux City
Defensive End – Brendon Dalry, Bismarck
Defensive Tackle – Tyrone Ezell, Bismarck
Linebacker – Jarelle Miller, Bismarck
Defensive Back – DeWayne Autry, Sioux City
Defensive Back – Isiah Barfield, Salina
Defensive Back – Cliff Stokes, Sioux City
Defensive Back – Paul Robinson, Omaha
Kick Returner – Dominique Carson, Sioux City
Quarterback – Nate Davis, Amarillo
Running Back – Michael Dyer, Texas
Wide Receiver – Daniel McKinney, Dodge City
Wide Receiver – Clinton Solomon, Texas
Wide Receiver – Bret Soft, Wichita
Guard – Darren Marquez, Wichita
Guard – Kamalie Matthews, Dodge City
Center – Cameron Edwards, Amarillo
Kicker – Jacob Felton, Amarillo
Defensive End – Fatu Ulale, Duke City
Defensive End – Gary Henderson, Dodge City
Defensive Tackle – Brandon Harold, Texas
Linebacker – Ricky Wyatt, Dodge City
Defensive Back – Frankie Solomon Jr, Texas
Defensive Back – Kendrick Harper, Wichita
Defensive Back – Joe Powell, Dallas
Defensive Back – Juvi-Ray Berry, Duke City
Kick Returner – Michael Dyer, Texas
2nd Team Northern Conference 2nd Team Southern Conference
Quarterback – Anthony Iannotti, Omaha
Running Back – Dominique Carson, Sioux City
Wide Receiver – Marcus Lewis, Bloomington
Wide Receiver- Jeremiah Oates, Sioux City
Wide Receiver – Elby Pope, Bismarck
Guard – Anthony Bullock, West Michigan
Guard - Dion Paulson, Bismarck
Center – Connor Hart, Bloomington
Kicker – Cody Barber, Bloomington
Defensive End – Ben Pister, Kansas City
Defensive End – Rony Nelson, West Michigan
Defensive Tackle – Antonio Ficklin, Omaha
Linebacker – Brock Long, Salina
Defensive Back – Stephen Franklin, Kansas City
Defensive Back – Brandon Clarke, Bloomington
Defensive Back – Deonte Hurst, West Michigan
Defensive Back – Chris Perry, Omaha
Kick Returner – OJ Simpson, Kansas City
Quarterback – Donovan Porterie, Duke City
Running Back – Antonio Bray, Duke City
Wide Receiver – Larry Cobb, Duke City
Wide Receiver – Stacy Martin, Dallas
Wide Receiver – Cedric Gilbert, Amarillo
Guard – Chris Brown, Dallas
Guard – Robert Griffin, Texas
Center – Terry Banks Jr, Amarillo
Kicker – Jared Wood, Dodge City
Defensive End – Keenen Gibbs, Wichita
Defensive End – Samual Wren, Dallas
Defensive Tackle – Jamar Seard, Dodge City
Linebacker – Jason Serda, Duke City
Defensive Back – Tyrell Green, Dodge City
Defensive Back – Donnie Duncan, Amarillo
Defensive Back – Ray Little, Duke City
Defensive Back – Anthony Webb, Dallas
Kick Returner – Antonio Bray, Duke City

The conference championship games are set to kickoff Saturday, June 17th at 7:05pm where the battle for the northern conference features the Sioux City Bandits playing host to the Omaha Beef. The southern conference championship is scheduled for Monday, June 20th at 7:05pm where the Texas Revolution travel to their instate rival Amarillo Venom.