Champions Indoor Football Announces 1st and 2nd All-Conference Teams

  • Jun 16, 2017
  • Sioux City Bandits; Sioux City, Iowa

On the eve of the Champions Indoor Football conference championship games set to commence this weekend, the CIF is proud to announce the 1st and 2nd team all-conference teams as voted upon by the coaches within each conference -

1st Team Northern Conference 1st Team Southern Conference
Quarterback – Alex Carder, West Michigan
Running Back – Kory Ringer, West Michigan
Wide Receiver – Anthony Parks, Kansas City
Wide Receiver- J.J. Hayes, Bloomington
Wide Receiver - Frederick Bruno, Sioux City
Guard – Arthur Doakes, Sioux City
Guard - Darius Barnes, Sioux City
Center – Matt Rahn, Sioux City
Kicker – Greg Conry, Sioux City
Defensive End – Devon Bridges, Sioux City
Defensive End – Brendon Dalry, Bismarck
Defensive Tackle – Tyrone Ezell, Bismarck
Linebacker – Jarelle Miller, Bismarck
Defensive Back – DeWayne Autry, Sioux City
Defensive Back – Isiah Barfield, Salina
Defensive Back – Cliff Stokes, Sioux City
Defensive Back – Paul Robinson, Omaha
Kick Returner – Dominique Carson, Sioux City
Quarterback – Nate Davis, Amarillo
Running Back – Michael Dyer, Texas
Wide Receiver – Daniel McKinney, Dodge City
Wide Receiver – Clinton Solomon, Texas
Wide Receiver – Bret Soft, Wichita
Guard – Darren Marquez, Wichita
Guard – Kamalie Matthews, Dodge City
Center – Cameron Edwards, Amarillo
Kicker – Jacob Felton, Amarillo
Defensive End – Fatu Ulale, Duke City
Defensive End – Gary Henderson, Dodge City
Defensive Tackle – Brandon Harold, Texas
Linebacker – Ricky Wyatt, Dodge City
Defensive Back – Frankie Solomon Jr, Texas
Defensive Back – Kendrick Harper, Wichita
Defensive Back – Joe Powell, Dallas
Defensive Back – Juvi-Ray Berry, Duke City
Kick Returner – Michael Dyer, Texas
2nd Team Northern Conference 2nd Team Southern Conference
Quarterback – Anthony Iannotti, Omaha
Running Back – Dominique Carson, Sioux City
Wide Receiver – Marcus Lewis, Bloomington
Wide Receiver- Jeremiah Oates, Sioux City
Wide Receiver – Elby Pope, Bismarck
Guard – Anthony Bullock, West Michigan
Guard - Dion Paulson, Bismarck
Center – Connor Hart, Bloomington
Kicker – Cody Barber, Bloomington
Defensive End – Ben Pister, Kansas City
Defensive End – Rony Nelson, West Michigan
Defensive Tackle – Antonio Ficklin, Omaha
Linebacker – Brock Long, Salina
Defensive Back – Stephen Franklin, Kansas City
Defensive Back – Brandon Clarke, Bloomington
Defensive Back – Deonte Hurst, West Michigan
Defensive Back – Chris Perry, Omaha
Kick Returner – OJ Simpson, Kansas City
Quarterback – Donovan Porterie, Duke City
Running Back – Antonio Bray, Duke City
Wide Receiver – Larry Cobb, Duke City
Wide Receiver – Stacy Martin, Dallas
Wide Receiver – Cedric Gilbert, Amarillo
Guard – Chris Brown, Dallas
Guard – Robert Griffin, Texas
Center – Terry Banks Jr, Amarillo
Kicker – Jared Wood, Dodge City
Defensive End – Keenen Gibbs, Wichita
Defensive End – Samual Wren, Dallas
Defensive Tackle – Jamar Seard, Dodge City
Linebacker – Jason Serda, Duke City
Defensive Back – Tyrell Green, Dodge City
Defensive Back – Donnie Duncan, Amarillo
Defensive Back – Ray Little, Duke City
Defensive Back – Anthony Webb, Dallas
Kick Returner – Antonio Bray, Duke City

The conference championship games are set to kickoff Saturday, June 17th at 7:05pm where the battle for the northern conference features the Sioux City Bandits playing host to the Omaha Beef. The southern conference championship is scheduled for Monday, June 20th at 7:05pm where the Texas Revolution travel to their instate rival Amarillo Venom.


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