We Are Family

It'd been a great 2018 season. It's hard to say it's over. The Bandits organization would love to thank all the fans, sponsors, families of players and the players themselves, the staff and their families, and Siouxland for helping to make the 2018 season an amazing one for the memory books. The road to the Champions Bowl was hilly at times, and once in a while we had to overcome a few obstacles, but we persevered and we got there.

Thank you to our coaches that starts setting up the team for next season before this season even ends, works tirelessly watching film, making adjustments, motivating the team, and doing what it takes to keep a family in harmony. Because that's what we are - a family. And we all love our big brothers.

Thank you to the coaching staff - the men behind the curtain. They take so much off the shoulders of the coaches so they can focus on what they do best. We have the best support system around - hardworking and dedicated to the well-being of the team. They are truly amazing.

Thank you to Cindy (and Don) and the game day staff as well. All the promotions and numerous things going on all around us on game day that we never notice are managed by her - and she's crazy enough to love doing it! She does a great job that often goes unnoticed, so we thank you.

Thank you to the staff at fan accommodations. They work hard every game to help the fan experience with merchandise and promotions. You do a great job, quietly keeping things flowling smoothly even when they really aren't. You deserve a huge thank you!

Thank you to the "digital" staff. Everything you see online, social media, website, photos, video - it all takes long hours and lots of love all day every day to keep us out there and visible. It doesn't stop when the season stops.

And to our 'dad', for if he didn't love this sport and believe in us, we wouldn't be here. He keeps us going year after year, season after season, doing what it takes to follow the rules and take care of the team... all of us. It's easy to complain when there aren't mints on our pillows, but we have what we need and much of what we want, and for that we are very grateful. You, sir, are greatly appreciated and one of the reasons we are a family.

Now... who is ready for 2019????

Sioux City Bandits Announce 2019 Plans
September 12, 2018
Sioux City Bandits Announce 2019 Plans

The Sioux City Bandits are pleased to announce a resolution to all the rumors in this off season regarding a Bandits return for the 2019 season. The Bandits will be returning to the Champions Indoor Football (CIF) league for the 2019 season.

By Sioux City Bandits; Sioux City, Iowa
2018 CIF Board of Directors Awards
June 29, 2018
2018 CIF Board of Directors Awards

Congratulations on the individual awards Darrian Miller, Solomon St. Pierre, and Greg Conry!

Bandits to Face Duke City in Title Game
June 26, 2018
Bandits to Face Duke City in Title Game

The Sioux City Bandits will travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico to face Duke City in the Champions Indoor Football league title game on Saturday at 7:05 p.m.

By Staff Writer; Sioux City Journal
Libery Seek Berth in Finals
June 22, 2018
Libery Seek Berth in Finals

They were the North Division’s top two teams during the regular season.

Saturday night, the Salina Liberty and Sioux City Bandits will determine who’s best — the prize a chance to play for the Champions Indoor Football title.

By Bob Davidson, Salina Journal